Reborn Adventurers

Reborn Adventurers #9
The purple beams & the strange cultists

All rested up, the adventurers stood up again to move along. However, in the dark clouds a sudden purple beam rose into the distant sky and just as this happens, another beam comes down close to the Druid’s Grove. As they come out of the grove they notice a rather tall purple barrier standing in the fields. Together they decide to go towards the burned down village that both the prophecy and the elder have been speaking of. As they pass through the land they eventually notice a burned down village. small plumes of black smoke are still rising into the air as Kaeghan notices a lashing tail swinging around deeper inside the village. As they lure the monster out, they notice a small dragon that is charging at them. In the open fields they manage to defeat it together with a bunch of rat’s yet not without Flynn who is contracting filth fever from the bites he takes from the rats. The dragon burns away afterwards revealing a black orb lying on the ground.

As they enter the village after the fight, the adventurers find a girl inside the village. Dressed in a tough jacket wearing pants she explains that this was the village she left when she was younger, she and her mother had moved away to a place named Albridge two years ago. She explains about the ninja village and the tengoku tribe, and how there was a vow to flee towards the winterbole forest if something happened. Regarding the dragon she seems to recognize it as someone’s familiar. She quickly lays down the link with a ninja that used to live in the village and had a dragon familiar.

His name was Mikhail.

With this information, they decide to go towards the barrier. Reaching this big purple sphere they notice a village inside of it. Yet when looking closer they did not see any kind of living beings inside. Unable to enter it, they decide together to move towards a place called Dahngrest, the place where Flynn hails from. As they try to travel around the mountains to eventually go northwards, they find out that southwards something has set off the border. All kinds of soldiers are patrolling around the border. Flynn has defined them as the Iron Circle, a dark cult that is set upon bringing despair to everything that lives. Darion decides to take a closer look as he feels obliged to join them. However, after being spit out while he is being asked to turn back or be killed he decides to go back with his tail between the legs.

With speed they rush towards the Druid Grove, informing the archbishop of Flynn as he requests that the nearby villages are involved of this development. With his new mission, Flynn and the party decide to fulfill their duty as they inform both Tor’s Hold and Toadwallow.

Wanting to find out if there is more in the world, they decide move further westwards as they pass through the forest to an open field. Eventually reaching the Moon Hills. Deep within the depths they uncover a dungeon which they enter. After fighting some goblins, rats and a drake they eventually encounter a kobold clan with a giant kobold as their head. The kobold refusing deeper passage inside sees them as minor beings. As Darion asks if there is something they could do for him Haleon explains that they saved a group of kobolds inside a cave. Explaining the location the kobold seems to realize that they speak truth. As Haleon throws down a banner he took along, the kobold requests from them that they return to the cave to rid it from the darkness within.

Concluding that they are yet again being confronted with the cave, they turn back outside again. Setting down for the night they make a fire and sing some songs as they rest up. As the morning rises, something starts to cackle in the sky. Over the border of the hills, a strange flying monster with tentacles shows up.

Whitebeard Special
A strange scenario occurs

It was in the back of the cave that the adventurers faced a goblin chieftain, accompanied by his guard. While the guard is easily dealt with, the chieftain takes some elusive moves as he disappears in front of the adventurers to eventually reappear with a back attack. Working out his movements they weaken him as Flynn decides to tie him up. Standing around the poor goblin they tried to interrogate him. As Haleon decides to work him a bit, he lets his anger go loose as he smacks the goblin into his eternal death. It seems things did not go as they planned.

Darion eventually finds some battle plans. Looking through them he notices that the hobgoblins are kneeling in front of a dragon amongst kobolds. Another picture shows the hobgoblins riling up the kobolds as the dragon seems to be enslaved. The thief eventually decides to take this along with him. Shortly afterwards they decide to leave the cave. Going back towards the druid grove.

Walking upon the forested path, they notice a man on a horse in the distance. As the horse comes closer, the man falls off as he lies bleeding in front of the group. Kaeghan, for some reason affected by the man decides to help him out. As he stabilizes the man thanks the party for their help as he starts to explain.

The people that know him call him the great whitebeard. Together with the friends he has gathered from a tribe that has been raised by the ways of generosity, he travels the lands to bring happiness to others by gifting them presents. However, as of last there seems to be something going on. The skin of his fellow friends have turned to all kinds of crazy colors. And as they do, they go on a crazed killing spree. The party is asked to help this old man and decide to take him back to the druid grove.

After resting up, they decide to take travel towards Tor’s Hold. The creatures were last seen here. After asking the dwarfs they haven’t noticed anything than some rumbling on the roofs. However, a group of dwarfs have found somekind of strange writing. It seems to resemble lyrics from a short song. The horseman said that this all happened in the night, so they decide to wait for the moon to set. Darion and Flynn playing some cards on the roof of one of the houses as Haleon and Kaeghan hide in some bushes.

As the sky turns dark, the area remains silent. Haleon decides to step into the open as he tries to sing the song. And as he does, some strange creatures appear from behind the houses as another person with a staff appears on the roof. With athletic somersaults the strange skinned creatures charge at haleon as Darion and Flynn try to get off the roof. Kaeghan meanwhile decides to take some distance as he takes aim.


The strange person on the roof starts to tick with his staff. And as he focuses on Kaeghan, he turns into a colorful wrapped package being unable to move. As the fight goes on. The strange sorcerer starts to summon a hellhorse that starts to charge in straight lines around the buildings. After a while, the horse stops at one of the houses as the sorcerer jumps on top of it. As the corrupted servants are being defeated, the hellsteed gains the sorcerer as his new rider. But as Flynn stands strong, he charges to it’s side to unleash a devastating force of lightning as he vanquishes the steed and sorcerer to ashes.

Wondering if they solved the problem. They return to the druid grove as they inform whitebeard of what they have experienced. He concludes that this may complete their quest as the sorcerer might be the one behind this. As he thanks the fighters, they gain a pouch full of gold to share with eachother. As everyone sits down in the grove to take a short rest, Haleon finds out something about a new spell inside his mysterious book.

Reborn Adventurers #8
The hardship against the goblins.

As they enter the cave, they reach out towards a bigger room that splits up in four paths. While darion listens at a door to hear somekind of screeching sound. Kaeghan is looking at the other side towards a path that leads to another door.

Trying to go towards this door to see what is in there, he gets ambushed by a goblin that was hidden in the dirt. Jumping at his back, the signal makes two other goblins jump out aswell. Darion rushes at one as he pushes him into the fire. While the other one is pinning Kaeghan against the door. Eventually Kaeghan tries to open the door gently as he is holding the goblin at bay, hearing the snoaring of something behind it.

The goblin however, seems to realise what is behind and decides to charge Kaeghan through the door. Three more sleeping goblins wake up in the room behind as they join the fight. It seems the hunter is in some real trouble now. He slowly starts to see his chances as he decides to vault over the goblin as he tries to run away. However, in a storming charge. Kaeghan gets some blows as he falls unconcious to a dying state. While the goblins swarm into the room, Haleon starts pulling at Kaeghan while he asks Flynn for help. Flynn however, decides to run with darion to the outside after the thief throws a smoke pellet from the goblin ninjas at the swarm.

Haleon decides not to give up as he keeps pulling the body of the hunter. Going all they way back to the narrow entrance as he jams his old greatsword into the ground and tries to freeze the ground afterwards. After two smoke pellets, a jammed greatsword and a frozen ground. Kaeghan is finally outside. Flynn tries to heal him and succeeds to stabilize him. Making a final stand, the goblins one by one get out as they are picked by the group. Two of them decide to rush out and flank them. But without hesitation they are eventually smacked down to the ground. While the last goblin falls to the ground, they eventually gasp their breath as they are feeling that their powers have increased.

Afterwards, a discussion comes up about if they should go back or not. Deciding to go back inside again afterwards, they start checking some other places. Inside the other paths they find a half-buried trapdoor, a thick stone door and somekind of pit from which something is shrieking. Upon looking closer, Darion notices some kind of goblin trying to lunge at him. For some reason the thing won’t climb the stairs next to it. As Flynn takes a closer look he notices that the goblin looks like it is a dead being.

As kaeghan shoot his arrow at the goblin, the aberration starts to shriek even more as it falls to the ground. As it does, it’s eyes start to glow purple. Not knowing what might happen they try to kill it. After another shot of the hunter, it eventually stops moving as it explodes into a thick black cloud that expands all they way to the surface of the pit.

Not sure about what happened, they decide to go to the trapdoor. Darion opens it and takes look inside, revealing a path to another trapdoor upwards. As he climds up and tries to peek through the trapdoor, he gets slammed down by somekind of force as he falls to the ground. He stubbornly tries again after checking for somekind of trap mechanism. However, the same thing still happens.

Out of anger, the thief eventually walks up to the stone door as it tries to shout some intimidating words to the other side. However, no response is heard and he leaves to cool off outside. Meanwhile Kaeghan and Haleon try stomping the trapdoor open as Kaeghan fires a flaming arrow.inside the room. The arrow moves against the stone surface as it falls down into the earth, dousing the flame. However, the force on the trapdoor seems to be gone. A silence comes from the room. While Flynn is picking up Darion, Haleon decides to charge in and roll, not knowing what to expect inside the room.

Reborn Adventurers #7
Darion's Peril & the Platinum Vanguard

Emerging out of the forest, they once again move towards the village of Toadwallow. As they arrive, they notice that something is going on. Entering the village they notice the village elder, standing together with what looks to be a priest. Noticing the adventurers, the priest walks up to them as they ask them if they are the so-called beacons.

The elder and priest engage in a heavy discussion as the priest proclaims not to believe in the prophecy as he introduces the Platinum Vanguard. An order dedicated to the deity Bahamut. They see it as their task to vanquish evil. For this reason, Flynn, does not believe in a prophecy that shows some petty beings a false path.

As Darion proclaims how they have failed in the cave, concluding that Keldian was lost. The elder eventually decides to consider the priest as he wants to protect the party on the path they walk.

Another part of the prophecy lights up on the pages of the book as they decide to take on the priest along with them.

“As the beacons find out their heavy strain.
After the first one fell, with a heavy roar.
They will eventually see, that in order to gain.
A burned down village will show them more.”

Afterwards, the elder concludes that parts of the prophecy are shown as situations occur. Explaining that a burned down village is lying due southwards. He also explains that the archbishop of Flynn is stationed inside a druid grove eastwards of Tor’s Hold. Eventually, the party lets Flynn join and they decide to go for the Druid Grove.

On their way, they find a strange shrine on which Haleon and Darion lay their hand. Nothing happens but as they turn around they notice the face of the beast that was depicted on the shrine in their thoughts.

Arriving at the Druid Grove, Flynn reports to his archbishop who orders him to stay with the adventurers to protect them, explaining that they are awaiting the darkness’ next move. Meanwhile, Darion decides to talk with the old druid woman who is living at this place. She explains that there are spirits in this grove that feel everything that is happening in the region. As she goes, Darion explains a couple of things they have gone through. Deciding to take a nap afterwards.

While this happens, Kaeghan decides to take over Haleon’s cooking book as he tries to learn anything out of it. Afterwards he also decides to talk to a young girl to learn some herbalism and alchemy. She eventually decides to hand him a recipe of a small healing potion.

Haleon tries to practice his penetrating cold, however ends up freezing his own hand being unable to move it, asking the herbalist if she can do anything. Concocting a salve to rub over his hand afterwards.

Reithann, the druid woman, having heard about what the adventurers have been through. As she walks to a giant menhir stone standing in the middle, she sits down in front of it as the rune that is carved on the stone lights up. As she communes with the stone, she is whispering all kinds of things. After a while, the light ceases from the stone as she stands up again. Moving towards the adventurers.

In short, she explains about a goblin infestation that the spirits have been worrying about. Also, the party is warned to keep an eye on “That which is already unfolding”. Also, the adventurers are offered to commune with the stone themselves for a chance to obtain some further knowledge about their abilities. They decide to do this as they all learn some new tricks.

Paying heed to the spirits words, they decide to go northward towards the forest, looking for the goblin infestation that has been mentioned. As they do, entering the forest borders, they are being intercepted by a group of feral cats. While the brawl is developing, Darion is taking a claw at his stomach, inflicting a grievious wound that sends him into a dying state. With the battle at a losing hand, the party tries to make a final stand and as Kaeghan tries to look at Darion’s stomach wound, he is clumsy enough to rend the wound open even more, making the thief scream like he never has before as he makes another step towards his death.

Eventually, Haleon and Flynn manage to take down the feral cats together, having taken some heavy damage they eventually help Darion up as the thief says that he is okay. Together they decide to move on, deeper into the forest. An hour later, they reach what looks to be a dirt mound with an entrance into it. Two goblins are protecting it. This time, they decide to go tactfully around this as they try to take down the goblin guards. Even though the first attacks succeed, Darion yet again is faltering under his wound as he is struggling with what is happening. As the goblins are defeated, the thief yet again suffers from it however still proclaims that he is fine. Entering the dirt mound carefully.

In the distance of the small tunnel, they notice a goblin standing around which they try to take down together. Going deeper inside they come into a bigger room which strangely enough is empty.

Reborn Adventurers #6
Hobgoblin quarters & Keldian's demise

Standing in front of pouring water. They decide to climb up the slippery path. Eventually it leads towards a waterfall in a dark room of the cave. As they tread on the winding path behind the waterfall they hear a boulder rolling down. As they climb further, some get damaged and some dodge the boulder. However, as this happens. From two positions on the path, hobgoblin arches are taking aim at the party. As keldian and darion light their sunrods. They reveal the hobgoblin archers standing on their platforms. And with some clever shots, they managed to let both of them fall down the deep below. In the midst of all this, Kaeghan misses an arrow and shoots Keldian into the knee, being almost unable to move.

As they move on, the go further up the stream as they reach a chamber which is enlightened. As Darion looks around the corner, he notices 3 hobgoblins standing around a table with a map laid out over it. Going in with Kaeghan, they go in for a stealth attack. As they both miss, a fight triggers and all 3 of them go in for the kill.

As this fight unfolds, two of them make some combined attacks with their flails. And as the other one takes it’s longbow to shoot from a range. Quite some damage is taken by the party. Making both Keldian and Darion bloodied. As the hobgoblins press on. As the hobgoblins are instilling fear, the party slowly seems to fall back and some of them start to flee. Haleon even letting his whole system go as he craps his pants. As this unfolds, Keldian is being pinned down being not able to move. As some more blows are given towards the steadfast tank, Keldian is making a decision on the situation and shouts to the rest to run away.


Making a last stand while the other three run away. He takes a defensive position while he takes their blows for quite a while. As he gets beaten into submission, he relies on his will to emerge out of it. However, with another combined attack of two flail-wielding hobgoblins. Keldian gets smashed to the ground as the flail hits his head and completely splatters it.

While the party is running away, they notice the stream of the waterfall turning read. As the party looks back. They notice that Keldian has given his life for the party.

As they are running out of the cave, they gasp their breath and think back about what happened. Haleon feeling bad for running away. Eventually Kaeghan goes back inside and nabs Keldian’s shield. While Haleon is emptying his pants, unloading his excrement. Coming back out of the cave, they together decide to jam the shield into the earth and promise to come back one day. Going back towards the elder.

As they pass back through the forest, they notice a carving with a picture of a burned village with monsters. Above it is a symbol:


As they look at it, they get intervened by two masked goblins from the trees. Taking some damage from them. A battle with the two speeding stabbers starts off and they take some stabs from their tactics. As one drops a smoke pellet the other one disappears. To eventually go in for an attack when the first of the party attacks. Eventually though, the adventurers take them down. And as one of them falls on it’s back. They notice the same symbol. Haleon decides to rip it of his clothing and fold it up to take it. Moving onwards to the elder, yet again.

Halloween Special
Pumpkins & crazed people

Emerging out of the ancestral tomb, they eventually stand onto the graveyard where a dense thick smoke is coming closer and closer, eventually blinding their sights. As the smoke disappears into thin air, they eventually notice that they are somewhere else. Standing inside a cell where on one side are bloody characters are smirked on the wall with blood.

Eventually, a dim light floating around starts to talk to them, revealing itself as the fairy of the tombstone. After explaining where they are, she eventually floats off into a hall where in the distance, a flickering light behind some doors light up the path.

As they decide to enter through the doors, they find themselves in a bigger room with a glass wall at the side, from which thunder is lighting the room. In the middle, a woman tied into a chair sits while a drill is slowly about to pierce her face.

After considering her appearance to be appealing, Darion eventually concludes she is ugly as hell and doesn’t bother saving her. As haleon kicks the chair, her face eventually gets pierced and as the thick smoke comes up again, the splats of fluids and screams from the woman are felt and heard in the whole room.

However, as the smoke dissolves. The only thing they see is a scarecrow with a crushed watermelon face lying in the chair. Meanwhile, the door to the next room opens. After deciding to step inside, they notice alot of shelves with pots containing organs. In the back are two heaps of rotten fruits. As Keldian tries to move some of the fruits from the heap, the vines around the room start to move and the pumpkins in between slowly emerge from the heaps, making their vines what they stand on.

Fighting against the rotten abominations they eventually squish all the melons ruining some of the shelves standing around. Once again another door opens and this time a creaking voice is heard, explaining that there are finally some new test subjects.

In the next room, a man who has his hands and hair smirked with blood wearing white robes and a machine on it’s back, wielding an oversized scalpel cackles madly as the adventurers enter. Taking aggressive action against the man, the adventurers go in for the kill. However, as the brawl is on, his machine takes damage and as it breaks, the man starts to transform into a giant aberration. Dropping his weapon as it starts to smash around with it’s thick paws.


After a short while, the last blow is delivered and the aberration falls down. As this happens, once again our adventurers are consumed by the thick smoke. As the smoke starts to dissolve again, the piercing rays of sunlight slowly reveal that they are back at the dwarven village.

- Darion having himself smudged by berries.
- Haleon sitting around moaning in a flowerpatch.
- Kaeghan lying in a pumpkin patch having himself woven into vines.
- Keldian sitting against a house as he has drooled himself.

Moving on, they are being told by the clanhead about a book. Explaining that it’s contents reveal to the reader what part of the prophecy it can see. Explaining that the beacons are the only ones to fully read the book as they unravel it. The elder is carrying the book.

Setting off on their way back to the elder. As they walk on the path that brings them there, a confused man is running around with his arms wide. As he notices the adventurers, he tells them about the birdpeople he has seen flying in the sky and the city they live in. As Darion asks if he wants to go there too, the man excitedly says yes. Following Darion’s instructions, he turns around three times and shouts “Kooloo Limpah” after which he takes a dagger into the neck from him and dies.

Moving on again, they get to the elder who hands them over the book. Being told by the clanhead their next task is to find out how the darkness was able to control a powerful dragon. The clanhead himself is not convinced that Nightscale is the core of where the darkness comes from. Departing for the cave yet again, they take on their next quest. Being handed a talisman by the old man to break the barrier that is blocking them inside the cave.

As they arrive, they notice something new. A pair of hobgoblins seems to be guarding the watered path in the back. As they smash these hobgoblins down, they eventually pass through the barrier to finally find out what is behind.

Reborn Adventurers #5
The village elder & the sacred crypt

As the adventurers come out of the forest. They eventually reach the village. First off someone has seem to set up a tent. A merchant by the name of Beedle is offering wares and building services in the village. It seems the elder has paid him to rebuild the shopkeepers’ house. Afterwards, the elder himself walks out asking if they were succesful.

The party confronts the village elder and he eventually admits to be one of the elders of the prophecy that is happening to this world. After telling the party to explore the dwarven village that is further away he asks time to find out the next step in the prophecy.

As the party travels towards the dwarven village. The ghost of a confused woman floating over burial mounds asks them if they have seen her husband. Replying they have not, she eventually makes a piercing cry as she perishes which awakes two undead and another fight gets on. However, they are quite easily defeated as Keldian takes the damage as a tank.

Eventually they manage to reach the dwarven village. As they see some dwarfs sitting around a bonfire they approach them. As they do, one of the dwarfs asks if they want to play a game of dice poker. Keldian is the first one to try and eventually ends up losing 10 gold pieces. Darion tries his luck on higher stakes and loses 30 gp. Haleon is the only one to get 10 gold out of this hassle as kaeghan is desperately trying to get his gold back in a second match.

After drinking some beer afterwards with the dwarf, they move on towards the storage house. Keldian makes a deal with a dwarf to paint him a wolf head on his shield as he gathers some berries for materials. Kaeghan ends up asking for a crossbow that they do not have. Eventually, they move towards the clanheads house who lets them in panicked by recognizing their faces. As they enter, he starts explaining.

The dwarven clan is living by a prophecy, which states that when four beacons arrive their plan would be engulfed in the darkness that is overwhelming the world. The clanhead eventually directs them towards the crypt that is behind his house. As they go downwards they encounter a statue and altar. The statue has an emanating cold that Haleon eventually manages to control, gaining a new ability. Furthermore the statue awakens, explaining the reason they are here and the prophecy:

When all is at darkness’ beck and call
From the limitless space will form
And through the skies in light will fall
Four beacons of virtue in many to be born

As this is being told, the clanhead comes down and asks the clanhead if they are certain of becoming the beacons. As they all agree, the clanhead says an incantation and the tomb in the back opens. Revealing new items:

- A crossbow
- A shield
- Boots of speed
- A greatsword of fire


Each character takes one item except for Kaeghan. He decides FOR SOME reason not to take the crossbow and the tomb closes again. Haleon, looking at this happening eventually rubs the tomb surface asking for it to please open again. The tomb replies that he simply hates the hunter and will consider it if he apologizes. After some thoughts, Kaeghan eventually gives in and does so. Afterwards, the tomb opens again and Haleon decides to quickly grab the crossbow.

Reborn Adventurers #4
The mysterious man & the treant encounter

Silencing the Kobold chanter it keeps mumbling on. Keldian doesn’t trust it and eventually decides to break it’s neck. Four kobolds eventually come rushing around the corner as they hear something. Another fight comes up and the kobolds get their skulls bashed in. Meanwhile, however, a little kobold looks in tears as his fellow racemates are being slain.

After the fight they look at the kobold as it eventually runs away. On the altar they find a symbol that resembles the carving on the tree. For now they decide to go further into the cave. Under some furs they found what seems to be a kobold king. Interrogating it they find out that the dragon resides deeper inside the cave. Also, there seem to be some hobgoblins deeper in however their purpose remains unknown. One of them is named Varkaze and is presumed to be a wizard. They let the king flee and after finding some draconic notes on a tale of legacy, they move on.

“Deeply woven into this world’s threads, are those who are intertwined with fortune, those who come with the knowledge of their future, but also those who have only their resolve.”

Having returned at the giant tree. Placing the symbol inside the carving. Some treants come crawling down onto the ground, Asking some questions, the treants answer in cryptic sentences that they are the first keys in many to come. Also, their first steps are to be found inside the region they are in. The treants also say that this world is not yet done with forming. Closing off, the treants say that the old and weary traveler will know more. Raising it’s arms, they gain more knowledge about their power. CLimbing back into the tree.

Afterwards, they return to the cave to find out what is behind the collapsed rocks. Flipping a rock over, the whole heap tumbles and the entrance is open. Inside is a very dark and damp place. As Haleon lights the place with his torch, they uncover an altar with a banner and he also notices two monsters, one of them lunging an arm to him. A battle against the mysterious monsters occurs. As the aggressive monsters fight against the party. keldian eventually enters a dying state but heals back up quite fast. After quite a fight, they eventually slay the beasts. Haleon picks the banner from the wall and folds it up inside his pouch.

Afterwards they decide to leave the forest. As they do. a man suddenly appears out of thin air in front of them. Threatening to not go further on the path they walk. As Kaeghan wants to attack him he eventually intends to kill them, stabbing the hunter in the spine as he gets poisoned. As he speaks a dark abyssal incantation, four demons spawn from a void to attack the party. The man vanishes as fast as he appeared and the fight goes loose. The demons attacking aggressively on Keldian because of his defender’s aura, while another one is being fought by Darion and Kaeghan.

As Kaeghan is playing on the strings of his bow, the critical hits come out of it as hot buns from an oven. With great success he hits the enemies for great damage. After a long battle, the four demons eventually get slashed onto the ground.

Reborn Adventurers #3
The giant tree & The corruption

Having gotten a bit stronger, they are ready to move on again. In the distance they see a tree that seems alot bigger than the other trees in the forest. As they decide to approach it, they notice that a deep carving in the tree of a symbol.


As they walk up to it, Haleon decides to read the text that is written close to the symbol. He decrypts it as “The key lies within a corrupted cave”. With this information they decide to revisit the cave they emerged from.

Arriving at the caverns. They go inside and Keldian tries to feel the walls. He notices that the walls of the cave are vibrating. Haleon senses that the cave is indeed corrupted. However, as they go further inside towards they demon room, they get sucked up in an evergrowing mist that blocks their sight. Darion and Kaeghan go forward as they hear some moaning and eventually end up stuck. Some hands seem to have come out of the broken stone floor and has grabbed their ankles. They both manage to break free and two dead bodies crawl out of the surface. Lunging with their arms at the adventurers they fight the dead bodies down to the ground. Researching deeper in the cave however they eventually conclude that nothing is here and head back to the tree.

Discussing further at the tree, they eventually notice that the corrupted trail the dragon has left is spreading and Haleon comes up with the suggestion that the actual cave might be the dragon’s lair. Everyone from there on agreed to follow the trail.

Eventually they arrive at a stone structure that has an entrance going underground into a cave. Some carvings are written inside the stone at the side of the cave that depict the following words, as deciphered by Darion in deep speech:

- Fate
- Destiny
- Determination

Keeping these words in mind they eventually head down inside. Kaeghan notices some obsidian chunks in the stone though his arrows break when ramming them on it. Unable to mine it they move deeper, going into a bigger room of the cave with some downpouring water at the other side into a small pool. They see some light from deeper down into the cave but cannot see what is going on. As Keldian tries to sneak close and check it out, he notices a group of kobolds roasting some chicken. Walking back they decide to do a team surprise attack. However, as keldian tries to stand at the side of the cave, he hears a gong. Another kobold seems to stand on a higher plateau close to him overlooking the room, alarming the kobolds. A fight emerges and the kobolds rush towards the party, they are not too much of a fight however and die after a slash from their weapons. The other kobold however is making quite a stand and even inflicts some proper damage to the group. However, he aswell eventually dies a horrible death.

Ofcourse, the next thing to do is spread the loot, some spears are grabbed. Two hide armors are being equipped by the fighters and they eventually get to the chicken. It should be of note that this chicken has been spread quite unequal and not everyone has gotten their fair share of the refreshments, creating an argue. An argue inside a cave can create quite some sound, though and this was no different situation. Some kobolds rush in from another room to engage the party that was focusing on the roasted chicken.

Slashing some more kobolds down with heroic strikes they eventually get to move on again and go into the side where the kobolds came from. Keldian, walking up front falls into a pit trap, not being able to grab the ledge. Haleon rushes forward to grab his hand and puil him up again.

What they find behind it was peculiar, a group of female kobolds and their young resided here. Pushed against the wall out of fear for the adventurers, Keldian starts to ask them some questions about the cave. They obtain information about more kobolds at the other side of the cave and the aggressiveness that the male kobold guards have. Leaving them further alone they go on again.

As they move to the other side, Haleon’s broken signet starts to pulse heavier. Deeper inside, they find another group of kobold females and young. After asking some further questions about what is deeper inside, a small kobold walks up to the group that looks at them with awe and admiration. As the party goes on. The small kid follows them.

Darion decides to go up front to check for traps. As he decides for a place to stand He falls right into another trap and this time, the spikes below hit one of his legs. A spear is held downwards which he grabs to get out again. In this chaotic situation, Kaeghan feels satisfied patting the young kobold not minding the group.

Moving further, they go left at an intersection and eventually uncover a chanting kobold carrying a mask and spear. They together decide to silence the kobold and grab him. As Darion holds a hand over his mouth and takes him back. The kobold gets surprised but starts chanting on.

- Have Keldian and Darion learned from their pitfalls?
- Is Kaeghan creating a soft spot for kobolds?
- What is Haleon tracking with his broken signet?

Reborn Adventurers #2
The Poison Dragon

As the guards have stormed into the shop. Our adventurers see the situation happen when all of a sudden, the shopkeepers body starts to burn. A purple flame emerges and slowly starts to spread. Keldian, trying to escape the situation pretending he was just a local customer. Drops 25 gold pieces on the counter and climbs over the counter to pick up his chainmail. Sadly, he tumbles over the counter and falls into the fire quickly rolling out. Afterwards he puts the chainmail on. The guards treat everyone as a suspect however.

As one aims their pitchfork at Kaeghan, he does not take kindly of this action and launches a clever shot that misses. Putting the armor on himself from the wall, a fight starts off and the guards are slowly being defeated. While one of them gets slashed at, he transforms into a kobold. A sudden turn of events.

With the fire spreading, both Haleon and Darion try to eventually escape through the window. But there is more, even the armors plucked from the walls start to burn. And they eventually have to put them off again. Darion trying to throw his armor back inside but failing whilst burning himself.

Haleon burst back inside through the door knocking the other enemy into the fire. A signet falls onto the ground and breaks. After Haleon examines it, a roar is heard in the depths of the forest. As everyone stands outside, a dragon swoops up from the forest diving at the village after, opening it’s maw. As our adventurers try to dodge it, the dragon blows a poison cloud onto the ground that hits everyone except Haleon, who manages to run from it effectively. The dragon flies back into the forest leaving a burning trail on the trees he flies over.


Afterwards, the village elder walks out of his house. Dazed, he falls unconcious to the ground. Haleon rushes to him to wake him up. The elder explaining that the dragon was controlling them. Asking the adventurers for help, they decide to think about this while they rest down. Eventually they go back to talk with the village elder to see if he can be trusted.

After a night of talking, the elder teaches the adventurers what he has learned on his own travels. After which he opens a chest with gear for the adventurers to use. They all pick out what they can carry. Eventually deciding to move into the forest to find the dragon. However they still feel unsure about truly going there.

The next day, they move into the forest to atleast go back to the place they came from. They end up close to the trail that the dragon left, in a silent place in the forest. After looking around a bit, Haleon digs up some earth and finds poisoned roots below. Eventually they decide to leave. Roots pop up however, blocking their way and on the hill that the roots were found, some twig blights arise that try to attack the party.

The elusive tree humanoids dodge alot of the parties’ blows. Darion even gets grabbed and is immobilized for a short term. However he is eventually cut free. After quite a while, the twig blights are defeated. A light starts to shine on the hill the blights arose from. As they stand inside it, they gain their second power.


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