The Infinite Prophecy

The Infinite Prophecy is an ancient foretelling that binds the world to what it will become. As it suggests. The prophecy is infinite. Many people know parts of the prophecy but only the beacons that have been foretold in the first verse will be able to unravel it fully.

The prophecy so far:

When all is at darkness’ beck and call
From the limitless space will form
And through the skies in light will fall
Four beacons of virtue in many to be born

Of what they are, most unaware.
Upon the land, they will find out.
That among the dark there will be nothing to spare.
And that sacrifices will spread doubt.

As the beacons find out their heavy strain.
After the first one fell, with a heavy roar.
They will eventually see, that in order to gain.
A burned down village will show them more.

The Infinite Prophecy

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